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Climate change: A Talk of the Town

  • The world NGOs and government institutions have been beating the drum of climate change since long.
  • Enormous material and literature published on the very subject for mass awareness.
  • Hundreds of environmental organizations were formed to address the ramifications and disorders of climatic changes.
  • Countless seminars and conferences organized at local, regional, national and international level on environmentalism.
  • Billions of dollars have been gulped down on the name of environmental conservation, protection, forestation, reforestation, afforestation but the reality is unabated deforestation.
  • In 1992 Rio summit was held and its environmental policy was framed on 800 pages to address the following challenges related to climatology.

1-Green House Effects              2-  Global Warming 3-     Floods                4- Drought              5-   Ozone Layer Depletion      6- Climate Change 7- Glaciers Melting              8-  L-Nino & La-nena effect      9-  Black Rain       10- Acid rain   11-  endangered ecosystem and 12. Desertification. These are the commonest issues and challenges of the world communities which are directly linked with the indiscriminate use of nature and natural resources for economic gains and to cater to the needs of the dramatically increasing population of the world.

      How are human beings consecutively deteriorating the atmosphere?

  • Millions of vehicles across the globe emitting unimaginable and unmeasurable carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide gases into the atmosphere.
  • Thousands of industries of the world pumping out, tons of toxic gases into the atmosphere every day.
  • Thousands of aircraft and jet planes adding lethal gases to the upper realms of the atmosphere day and night.
  • In The Netherland (Europe) one of the industries was emitting chloro foloro chlorine gas which directly caused depletion of Ozone Layers.  
  • Ozone layer is located between Troposphere and Stratosphere that shields human kind from ultra violet rays, Gama and Beta radiations of the sun which causes Skin Cancer and Cataract (blindness).
  • How nature balance itself by global wind circulation system? It disperses the concentration of toxic gases in the atmosphere.
  • Cut it short the only contribution for rehabilitation, what we all can do is planting




4-  SADABAHAR saplings

                                    BENEFITS OF ONE TREE.

  1. Beautifying environment
  2. Taking in carbon dioxide
  3. Giving out oxygen  
  4. Providing shade
  5. Providing fresh fruits
  6. Food chain
  7. Fertilizing land
  8. Prevent flooding
  9. Source of Eco-system
  10. Prevent soil erosion
  11. Making furniture
  12. Big Source of income
  13. Source of fuel
  14.  Medicinal drugs
  15. Production of paper
  16. Prevention of desertification
  17. Source of habitat
  18. Site for pollination
  19. Balancing nature
  20. Decrease global warming  

Henceforth we must carry forward our endeavors to flow the slogan of government into achievement:

Har basher ik shajar

Amjad Ali


Students Affairs

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