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Campus Facilities

Learning Management System: LMS

During the outbreak of Covid-19 all the educational institutions ran into deadlock and in order to ensure continuity of education, upon the directives of vice chancellor the Computer Sciences Department and IT section developed an efficient software system to teach students online.

Despite numerous challenges, the online education system was successfully executed by KIU and almost six thousand students got registered on LMS for online studies and completed their semester during the lockdown period.

Internet Resource Center

55 computer booths facility with high-speed internet connectivity. Students of all departments avail this facility in shifts.

Video Conferencing Facility

Indeed, in this digitalized world video conferencing and webinars are the most effective ways of learnings, communication and dissemination of knowledge. Henceforth a state of the art video conferencing Hall has been established for students, faculty and management staff.

Musharraf Hall

Musharraf hall has been well equipped on modern lines for international conferencing, seminars webinars, symposiums, colloquiums and workshops. Beside it student clubs organize speeches, debates and other Varity of programs.

Zafar Shakir Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall

Both well-equipped Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall are consecutively utilized to cater the rapidly increasing needs of the university. The reason many academic and non-academic programs/functions are being held simultaneously in university.


SABZAZAR and TUMTUM both provide refreshment facility to students, faculty and staff. Appropriate seating arrangements has been made available to sit and dine.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras have been installed at various points and locations in the premises of KIU for security purpose.

Medical Center KIU

  1. A well-equipped medical center is located in the administration block
  2. All emergency medicines are available in the medical center
  3. A well-qualified lady doctor is head of the medical center along with an experienced dispenser and supporting staff.
  4. An ambulance is available for 24 hours to deal with emergencies

KIU Fitness Center

A well-furnished fitness center for male and female students of KIU has been established. Latest machines and Equipments have been installed in the center for fitness exercises.

Business Incubation Center KIU

Business Incubation Center has been established in KIU by the joint venture of Special Communication Organization(SCO), Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Karakoram International University Gilgit. As per agreement SCO has transformed the old shopping mall building into a state of the art Technology Incubation Center.

The purpose and objectives of the aforementioned center is to:

  • Impart basic entrepreneurial thinking skills in university students.
  • Organize seminars, consultative workshops and training programs by engaging market professionals. 
  • Provide platform for creative business ideas, which could be a successful business product in the market.
  • Giving professional trainings on E. Commerce and knowledge economy.

Multimedia Facility in Classrooms

In order to ensure dynamic teaching learnings in university multimedia’s have been installed in each classroom.

Sports Facilities at KIU

Playing Ground facilities for cricket, football, volley ball, basketball, badminton and table tennis has been provided to male and female students.

Banks and ATM Facility

In KIU premises National Bank of Pakistan(NBP) and Habib Bank Limited(HBL) branches have been established along with ATM facility for students and staff.

KIU Central Library

  • Almost 16000 general books, course books, reference books and research journals are available in the newly constructed central library of KIU.
  • Almost for 175 students Seating capacity is available in the central library.
  • 34 Laptop booth facility
  • High speed internet facility
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Access to thousands of journals and research papers
  • Students benefit in siftings

Girls Hostel

Within the premises of KIU 3 state of the art Buildings are available with accommodation capacity for 421 female students.

All basic requirements and facilities have been provided to all the hostel blocks at par with the standard of a university girls hostel including security, power supply, water flow, Wi-Fi, safe drinking water, first aid, ambulance and sports facility.

Transport facility for students

  1. 9 buses and 3 costars are in the transport fleet to pick and drop students.
  2.  Transport facilities can be availed on a first-come first-served basis.


Internet Bandwidth

Currently the university is providing a high speed internet bandwidth of 200 MB through SCO under HEC PERN-2 project for the research and academic activities on main campus.

Our students and staff are benefiting from internet facility across the campus and hostels through LAN cable and smart Wi-Fi network.

Water purification plant

On campus and in girls’ hostels water purification plants have been established to ensure clean drinking water for university students and staff.

Electric water coolers have been installed at different points on campus for summer season.