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Message from Directorate of Student Affair’s Desk

The opportunity to be a university student is a privilege and divine blessing. A university degree helps open up opportunities to explore the new horizons of a CAREER in the world market.

Although acquiring a basic degree can help someone fulfil the minimum criterion to apply for a job position, however it is also important in this challenging and competitive world to make oneself capable enough by enriching new skills, which are relevant to the job market and useful for the organizations hiring them. It has often been noticed that a number of university graduates face acute shortcomings both in written and verbal communication, once they enter professional life. This reflects poorly on the graduate and damage the credibility of their alma mater.

It is, therefore, necessary for a student to undergo a self-evaluation while pursuing their education, and IDENTIFY his/her own strengths, weaknesses, interests, aptitude, skills, and specialized knowledge. This assessment will help students to build upon their credentials and develop an ability to adapt to new challenges throughout their lifetime. This will determine success in the career of their choice as well. Moreover, the responsibility of a student is a paradigm shift from the ordinary state of academic affairs to the extraordinary in order to catch the highest waves of knowledge and skills for shaping a powerful career.