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communication skills

How to develop communication skills?

  • Effective communication is an art, and the ability to speak well is one of the most valuable asset that one can possess.
  • We should not compromise to be inefficient in communication because if we are, we spoil our self and lack of that ability is severe personal handicap.
  • Verbal communication is the most effective and parliamentary way of giving and receiving intended message.
  • Human kind is epitome of creation for linguistic competence and amongst the four communication skills the most important and sublime skill is the quality of speaking.
  • It has been seriously noticed that many degree holders and professionals have acute shortcomings in effective communication due to number of reasons.

The following identified areas are potential communication barriers;

  • Shyness: A state of mind or a psychological barrier which sometimes higher than a mountain.
  • Hesitation: Uncertainty and lack of ability to initiate.
  • Lack of confidence: fear to take initiative,
  • Egocentric: inferior or superior complexity.
  • Absence of appropriate forum: Don’t wait for someone to do for you.
  • Absence of speaking culture: Parents and mentors should focus.
  • Lack of burning desire: It reflects the students’ despondent attitude.
  • Procrastinating approach: Nonseriousness and putting things for tomorrow.
  • Unfavorable attitude and aptitude: Beating the bushes (self-deception)
  • Lack of exposure and orientation. Needed to expose oneself to the outer world, i.e. Shark can grow 8 inches in fish pound and 8 feet or more in open ocean. As you expose yourself to a more challenging environment the more powerful and skillful you will be.
  • Gloss phobia. Speaking the most common fear of people hampers in personal and professional growth.

The aforementioned communication barriers may develop some interlinked professional limitations that affect work efficiency, personal grooming and so forth. Hence these hinders need to be over powered through remedial measures.

The fundamental reason behind these serious deficiencies is basic education system and role of parents in upbringing of their kids at grass root level. We all know 80% teacher and parents do not play their due role as the kids are highly active recipients to learn maximal.

Tips to develop communication skills

  • The first and foremost important thing is make it sure that English is not our mother tongue but being official language we have to learn.
  • There is no secret behind speaking just speak and constant practice plays key role and soon you will find dramatic changes in your speaking.
  • Inspiration does miracles, imitate their style and your artificial way of communication will become very natural.
  • Consecutive conversation process on variety of topics create amazing fluency in speaking
  • Use of proverbs and quotations relevant to the occasion will strengthen and beautify the language.
  • Need to establish forum for professional sessions and informal discussions.
  • Institutionalization: (taming the untamed).
  • Encouragement: A young girl, who lost her leg beneath the knee in road accident and upon the treatment and encouragement of the doctor she literally surmounted Mount Everest.
  • The concept of Glossophilia: Need for paradigm shift from gloss phobia to Glossophilia.
  • Language is the dress of thoughts therefore this unique quality should be polished.

These important steps and tips would make a great breakthrough to communication deadlocks.