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Presentation Skills

Preparing an Effective Presentation

A presenter must consider how best to communicate the information to the audience. Use these tips to create a presentation that is both informative and interesting:

  • Have a strong opening. Why should the audience listen to you?
  • Define terms clearly.
  • Design PowerPoint slides to introduce important information.
  • Time yourself. You only have 15 minutes to speak.
  • Create effective notes in bullets for yourself.Have notes that you can read. Do not write out your entire talk.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Presenting Effectively
    When you start your presentation, the audience will be interested in what you say. Use these tips to help keep them interested throughout your presentation.
  • Be excited.You are talking about something exciting.
  • Speak with confidence. When you are speaking, you are the authority on your topic, but do not pretend that you know everything. If you do not know the answer to a question, admit it.
  • Make eye contact with the audience.
  • Avoid reading from the screen. it is because you wanted them to read it, not you.
  • Use a pointer only when necessary. If you are using a laser pointer, remember to keep it off unless you need to highlight something on the screen.
  • Speak transparently and in clear voice.
  • Breathe and relax. It is fine to be nervous.Remember to breathe deeply throughout your presentation.
  • Preparation is everything and almost everyone needs to practice.
  • Ideas should be connected in sequential order.
  • Prepare slides in bullet points but explain extemporaneously.
  • The real power comes from participation. Make it interactive.
  • Finish with a bang.Find one or two sentences that sum up the importance of your findings.