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Deforestation and fate of the earth

Twenty-five percent of a country’s area should be covered with forest, for the developing purpose and to face the environmental challenges but we are not even closer to that number.

It is an undeniable fact that forests is as important as oxygen for life. Since the birth of earth this planet has gone through many geological changes. Millions of years ago due to endogenic processes and exogenic elements natural catastrophes took place and most of the trees were washed away and deposited in ocean floor. In the course of time these deposits converted into coal through the process of sedimentation and accumulation. From the very beginning forests have made a significant contribution for the survival and development of human being. When our plant cooled down the first organism on earth was plant which provided an enabling environment for species. As compare to the primordial age now the role of the forest has become so vital ever in the history to deal with the global environment threats.

Most of the world’s forest is located on equatorial belt, especially known tropical rain forest. Heavy rain occurs on equator because of high temperature and immense evaporation then precipitation and this cycle goes on.

It is indispensable to know the everlasting positive impact of a forestation and ramification of deforestation. Fifty percent of entire plant species are found in the rain forest. It has been said quite earlier that, if deforestation continues unabated the ecological riche of their unique ecosystem will soon be lost forever. All along from equatorial belt 60% medicinal drugs are derived which we are losing for good.

The rain forest is disappearing because people are poor and greedy, not because they are arrogant and stupid. The rough cutting done to extract minerals severely erodes the hill side and washes away top soil. It is caused landslide disasters. Desertification commonly follows deforestation because water runs of the bare hill too quickly caring much of top soil and disturbing the water balance. In this way thirty-five million people in Africa alone have been threatened by drought. Deforestation burning fossil fuel and production of certain synthetic chemical are realizing large quantity of heat trapping gases into the atmosphere. The gases absorb the earth’s extra-terrestrial radiations preventing it from escaping back into space. Trapping heat close to the surface of the plant raises global temperature giving rise to what it becoming popularly known as Global Warming. in order to deal with this chronic issue wide range plantation campaigns should be launched by the NGOs and government. Trees help to clean up the air and reduce global warming. One acre of tree can absorb 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide enough to affect the Co2 produced by driving a car 26000 miles but trees also protect water supplies by preventing soil erosions holding land in place with their roots.

A dusty storm gives unpleasant sight and air born dust rise due to deforestation. It harms fisheries and loss of food leads to famine and starvation.

 The importance of tree for environment cannot be over emphasized.

According to authentic finding the deteriorated condition of forest is as under;

  • Between 50 and 100 acres of tropical rain forest areas the size of ten city blocks is destroyed every minute.
  • An area the size of New York central park is destroyed every sixteen minutes.
  • Fifty acres of rain forest destroyed each minutes. That almost 27 million acres a year at no time in history has the rate of deforestation.
  • Every ten years we lose an area the size of the north east United States.

At the current rate of deforestation, there will not be a single tree on surface of the earth within one hundred years. That’s why there are always conflicts between economists and environmentalists.

Twenty-five percent of country area should be covered with forest for the developing purpose and to face the environmental challenges. But contrary to that forest is being cut so sharply that it will provide breeding ground for tremendous global warming and terrible imbalance temperature of the globe that we cannot avoid the planets strangulation.

In the light of cited challenge, the scientific theories about the fate of the earth before these prominent concepts the premature demise of the globe may cause of overwhelming lethal and noxious gases generating by human being.


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