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Tourism Potentiality and Youth Employability in GB


  • The 2nd largest industry after oil and Gas in the world.
  • The only industry that billions of people are associated for earnings across the planet.
  • The most beautiful profession that simultaneously one learns, yearns and earns. Tourism field is a wonderful source for developing linkages and net workings all over the globe.  
  • Play vital role to enhance country’s GDP.
  • NOW Pakistan being amazingly rich in natural beauty for tourism, if compared with some very small countries like Switzerland and Maldives in terms of its income from tourism industry, unfortunately Pakistan is far behind in earnings.
  • Switzerland:
  • Switzerland is known as the Kashmir of Europe and Kashmir is known as the Switzerland of Asia.
  • Switzerland is famous for being a mountainous country because its 80% area is covered by the Alps mountains.
  • Switzerland is hardly 60% of GB in size
  • Highest peak, Mont Blanc 4800 meters
  • Mount Blanc located exactly at the boarders of Switzerland, France, and Italy. Thence tourists enjoy panoramic view of the topography stretched over all THREE countries.
  • Switzerland earns 80 billion dollars from its tourism industry.
  • Contributes 10% to their GDP.
  • Once a Swiss climber made a historical statement, if the only majestic K-2 were located in Switzerland we would never have needed any other economic activity for earnings.
  • Maldives:
  • An Islamic country located in the Indian Ocean
  • It is Comprised on hundreds of Islands
  • Meaning of Maldives: Garland of Islands surrounded by deep & dark ocean.
  • Total population: 0.32 million.
  • Tourists visit every year: 1.5 million.
  • Income from Tourism: 10.5% GDP of the country.
  • According to climate change experts Maldives will disappear in FIVE decades’ period.
  • Why influx of tourist to this country?

                      There is a genuine reason that why I selected these Two countries     

for comparison with Pakistan.

  • If we look at the map of Pakistan geographically it is located between 23 to 38-degree north from equatorial belt and stretched over 800000 Sq. Km.
  • Particularly Gilgit -Baltistan is spread over 73000 of area
  • Gilgit Baltistan is Known as the Geological museum and living paradise on earth.
  • Its sheer perpendicular Rocky Mountains, snow covered peaks, vertical deserts, water towers, gigantic glaciers, shimmering lakes, deep gorges, Alpine meadows, undulating landscapes, unsurpassed panoramic views, gushing down rivers and 50% sky touching mountains are the source of great attraction for tourists.
  • Above all Gilgit Baltistan is jewelry box of histories and mysteries

                       Rock carvings: provides breeding ground for researchers to excavate     

                       the extinct civilizations.

It means aforementioned both the countries have no compatibility with Pakistan in natural richness.

The question is despite such an amazing topography and richness of nature why the contribution of tourism to Pakistan’s GDP is only 2.7%?

  • Pakistan’s ranking is 124 amongst the potential countries for tourism.
  • Pakistan’s potentiality to earn from tourism is, one trillion dollars.
  • Potential to be associated with tourism industry in Pakistan: 20 Million.
  • Even thousands of graduates can be associated with tourism industry in GB if promoted to the fullest.


  • Unfortunately, since long the Government of Pakistan has turned deaf ears and blind eyes to this highly potential earning industry.
  • Need to develop effective policies at governance level to capitalize and harness the countless benefits of tourism industry.
  • Apart from addressing numerous bottle necks at different layers the prime need is to ensure safety and security in the country where tourist would travel without any fear and feel at home.


Amjad Ali

 Director Student Affairs