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How Stress can be Transformed into Happiness ?

Adversities, complexities and perplexities being innate part of life may cause mental health issues and distress particularly at university level education.  Be Happier and healthier is significantly important in today’s rapidly changing world for productive lifestyle.  The odd times and stress also challenges the emotional maturity.  In this regard, this essay specifically has been designed for the University students to understand the realities of life, before deliberating on STRESS and its related terms that why stress flares up and how can it be overcome.

Human being should NOT forget the concept of contemplation and gratitude to the almighty Allah for being blessed with a healthy body and sound mind. In fact, numerous offspring are born with certain irreversible mental and physical limitations.

One should accept the realities of life that the bounties of nature and vis-à-vis it orients us with the vicissitudes of life includes numerous challenges, risks and threats. These threats may broadly range the chronic diseases, natural disasters, manmade disasters, unpredictability, pandemics, earthquakes, wars and so on.

History is witnessed that due to these catastrophes, countless people have lost their lives and countless left homeless. Furthermore, the sophistications of technology along with its comfortabilities has increased vulnerabilities in life as well.

After the aforementioned real time calculations about life risks, to my understandings, you are the LUCKIEST students that you have reached to university level education safely. Being fortunate makes one qualify to call a privileged one, as NOT majority of deserving youth makes it to university.

And, Quran says: “Fabiaiyi ala e rabikuma tu kaziban”

Translation: “So which of the favors [blessings] of your lord would you deny.”

The purpose of the discussion above is to make you REALISE that despite being stressed, you are still on a strong wicket and should play your innings to the fullest.

The underneath epigrams will inspire and guide to put your energy on the right track.

  • Life is an objective          :         achieve it
  • Life is an opportunity       :         Seize it
  • Life is a challenge           :         accept it
  • Life is an adventure         :         enjoy it
  • Life is a suffering              :         fight it

Every human being is exposed to the outer world differently with different positive and negative experiences. Therefore, don’t compare yourself with others. Just identify your potentials and try to build on it.

Hazrat Ali said: “Man arafa nafsa hu faqat arafa rabba hu”.

Translation:  “Whoever knows himself knows his lord”.

It is quite astonishing that despite the divine’s uncountable blessings, the university students are still complaining for shortcomings and sufferings from stress!!  Number of research studies show that almost 40% of the university students have overwhelming STRESS which badly affect their studies.

Due to the rapidly changing technological trends and dynamics, life has become more challenging and therefore shaping an appropriate career has been a big question mark for any university student. Indeed, a good career is invariably linked with outstanding academic performance and powerful skills to excel your knowledge. Resultantly, there is no room for being average or mediocre in the race of quality learnings.  Subsequently a continuous struggle and perseverance helps to improve emotional, social and intellectual capabilities to overcome any weakness that leads to frustration and stress.

Quote: Struggles is the meaning of life, but defeat and victory is in the hands of God.

Apart from academic shortcomings there might be many other factors of stress. The reasons may be related to Health problems, financial constraints, emotional disorders, environmental discomfort, lack of socialization skills, psychological factors and illusion dilemma

It has been experienced that these issues have led many students to serious repercussions as follows which triggers to one another.

  1. Stress
  2. Depression
  3. Distress
  4. Paranoia
  5. Anxiety
  6. Psychosis
  7. Delirium
  8. Hallucination
  9. Delusion
  10. Schizophrenia
  11. Short Temperament
  12. paralysis
  13. Suicide.

As all the terms are interlinked with low and high intensity of mental disturbances.

Remember: there is always a solution to every problem.

In order to mitigate the conditions of STRESS related issues, some people turn to drugs, alcohol and tobacco but overindulging in these things leads to more stress and addiction. Therefore, following tips are strongly recommended to suppress your stress.

  1. The best antidote is regular exercise and sports of your choice. Exercise produces endorphins, the feel good chemicals that act as natural pain killers and it also improves sleep, which dramatically reduces stress.
  2. Give healthy outlet to your pent-up emotions. Meet the ones who are your dears and nears and travel to a panoramic site and fun that will reduce and release the pressure.
  3. Laughing is the powerful medicine, because it helps in the regulation of dopamine(happy hormone). As we laugh “14” muscles frown up at once and bury the worry in great laugh.
  4. Healthy food: you equip your body with the nutrition it needs to fight stress.
  5. Good sleep is one of the most important factors of a healthy life because while sleeping the body repairs itself and the information processing takes place. Whereas lack of sleep might call in mental health problems like anxiety and depression. A glass of milk before bed can help with a good sleep as it helps in the melatonin regulation.
  6. Leisure Time: needs to plan and utilize with positive attitude, where hobbies, interests and relaxation is managed through recreational and other healthy activities.

Keyword:     “Life is once for all, so take best care of yourself”.

Amjad Ali, ( DIRECTOR Student Affairs )